Because of the pandemic, many behaviors that would have taken us years to adopt are part of our current routines. The online world, personal interactions through a range of channels, convenience, and the role of the media in encouraging physical activity have all emerged as major factors in the fitness and wellness business.

With online shopping becoming easier every day, it’s safe to say that the sales business is also taking advantage of new technologies and consumer habits. In fact, these factors could be a turning point for your business and sales leverage. The process doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or impossible; with a few simple steps you’ll soon be seeing great results!

To help with that, here is a checklist with 10 tips of what you can do to leverage your results:

1 – Internet

The internet will not disappear and people will not stop using it, so learning how to use this universe is essential to generating increased sales. Take classes, use tools, look for news on the Gympass Blog, test strategies and professionalize. All of these steps increase your chances of standing out and achieving excellent results.

2- Digital Presence

Take very, very good care of your social media and website. People search for you online before visiting and it’s the perfect time to make them want to get to know you better. Always keep your information up to date on the Partner Portal. This is where users go to find your business hours, address, and details of the services you offer.

3 – Outreach channels

Many options exist for leveraging your business strategy; don’t underestimate them, and consider them all in your campaign – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, WhatsApp, email, Google My Business, phone calls, referrals. Publicize your partnership with Gympass and attract more users to your gym.

4 – Customer Service

Studies show that the chances of a sale increase significantly if customers receive a response within 5 minutes of asking for information.

5 – Networking:

Whether in the online or offline world, connecting with people and actively staying in touch ensures that they remember you, and strengthens the customer relationship, therefore creating a mutual support network. Receive Gympass users with the same attention as your regular ones, the more loyal they are, the more they will attend your business.

6 – Marketing and Sales

These departments must work hand in hand. Working together to design prospecting, commercial and sales strategies is essential for the process to work, and to constantly evaluate, adjust and improve results.

Have a process in place! Each step needs to be well defined to match the customer’s journey. It is important to ensure that all salespeople know what needs to be done and how. Don’t rely on “luck” or “common sense,” and remember: There’s no such thing as obvious!

Have a document with a step-by-step description of the sales process. Include ALL department information and what must be done in each step, so that you have all the information in one place for easy consultation. This document can also help train new salespeople.

7 – Customer-focused Sales

Think about everything your customer needs to do to buy from you, and how you can create an amazing experience at every point in the process! For example, if the customer has scheduled a trial class, imagine creating an opportunity for pre-class introduction with a video of the teacher explaining how the experience is going to work, and saying that they are looking forward to the session.

8 – Sell to Existing Customers

Think of products and services that you can sell to someone who is already a customer. This is a great way to increase your sales ticket and retain customers longer.

9 – Train and Support your Team

Ensure your team receives regular, high-quality training in key areas such as high-end service, sales, behavior, processes, products, etc. Don’t forget to observe these processes and evaluate the results.

An important success factor in sales is discipline. Having a well-defined sales routine for each person at all times avoids the need to keep putting out fires that stop salespeople from following a logical working sequence.

10 – Customer Success

Think of strategies Gympass users will love and ideas to ensure that they visit your gym more often, becoming effective ambassadors for your brand!


Noara Pozzer 

Noara Pozzer has dedicated herself to the sales market for almost 15 years. She trains high-performance teams, develops proprietary service and sales methods. She is currently a consultant, speaker and instructor with a focus on innovation, strategy and customer care. Noara holds a graduate degree in Sports Business and Marketing, with an MBA in Marketing and Business Strategy & International Marketing from the University of La Verne – California/USA. She is the author of the book “Insights on Service, Marketing and Sales.”


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