We know our fitness community has been affected hard and fast by COVID-19. To help support you and your company, here are three proactive tips you can use to stay ahead of the curve during this uncertain time.

1 – Create a COVID-19 Action Plan and Communicate it to Employees

As new recommendations or restrictions roll out, it’s essential to create an official COVID-19 action plan. Consult with your senior leadership team to make a clear action plan you can share with instructors and staff members. 

Remember, the easiest way to avoid confusion is clear communication. 

#GympassTip: Designate a point person on your senior leadership team to share all official email updates so staff members know who to expect official gym communications from. This will make it easier for your team to separate speculation and rumors from newly instated policies and updates.

2 – Communicate with your Membership Community

Keep your members in the loop about how your business will operate during the COVID-19. If you haven’t already, send out an FAQ-type email with business operation details, how memberships or credits will be managed during this time, and who the community can reach out to with specific questions. 

#GympassTip: If you do choose to stay open, be sure to share the preventive measures that you are taking to combat the spread of Coronavirus, and share platforms members can use to continue to engage with you, like social media, for live sessions or classes you may be offering. Social media is also a great way to share reputable information about how your community can stay safe during this time.

3 – Stay Up to Date with WHO Recommendations – and Follow Them

The best way to keep your community safe is to not only keep them up to date with new regulations and recommendations, but to help them understand why these steps will be useful in keeping the community safe.

Here’s a list of trustworthy resources you can share:

As the coronavirus situation develops, we’re committed to providing you with fresh tips and best practices you can use to help your fitness family stay safe and healthy. Watch this space for weekly updates and ideas you can use to keep your members active and engaged!